Prize Wall

Prizes, Prize Tixs, & the Prize Wall!

Win Prize Tixs by playing in scheduled and on demand ticketed play events and redeem them for items like boosters, oversized cards, uncut sheets, and more. 

What are Prize Tixs and How Do I Get Them? 

Prize Tixs are tickets given out during ticketed play events that can later be redeemed at the Prize Wall for amazing items! All prize payouts are listed in the description of the each play event. Examples of redeemable items include:

  • Set, Play, & Collector Boosters
  • Bundles
  • Commander Preconstructed Decks
  • Deck Boxes & Sleeves
  • Playmats
  • Uncut Sheets
  • Oversized Cards

Prize Tixs are only valid for the duration of the MagicCon they were issued at and cannot be saved for or redeemed at future MagicCon events. Prize Tixs do not have any cash value. 

What is the Prize Wall?

The Prize Wall is where you spend your Prize Tixs earned from ticketed play events. Have you ever gone to an arcade, played some fun games, received tickets, and then redeemed those tickets for something cool before you left? That is exactly what the Prize Wall is!

Hours and Locations of the MagicCon: Chicago Prize Wall:

The Prize Wall is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM and on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The Prize Wall inside the Ticketed Play Area. 

Prizes and Prize Tixs Cost List 

  • Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters - 3 for 1,300 Prize Tixs
  • Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box - 15,600 Prize Tixs
  • Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosters - 3 for 2,600 Prize Tixs
  • Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box - 31,200 Prize Tixs

  • Play Booster - 500 Prize Tixs
  • Play Booster Box - 18,000 Prize Tixs
  • Set Booster -  500 Prize Tixs
  • Set Booster Box - 15,000 Prize Tixs
  • Collector Booster - Starting at 2,000 Prize Tixs
  • Bundle - Starting at 5,000 Prize Tixs
  • Commander Precon - Starting at 5,000 Prize Tixs 

  • Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster – 900 Prize Tixs
  • Ravnica Remastered Collector Booster – 3,000 Prize Tixs
  • Ravnica Clue Edition - TBA
  • Doctor Who Commander Precons – 7,000 Prize Tixs
  • Doctor Who Collector Booster -  2,600 Prize Tixs
  • Commander Masters Set Booster – 1,800 Prize Tixs
  • Commander Masters Collector Booster – 5,500 Prize Tixs
  • Commander Masters Commander Precons – 9,400 Prize Tixs
  • Other products are dependent upon product availability and market pricing. 

  • Playmats - Starting at 3,000 Prize Tixs
  • Deck Boxes - Starting at 500 Prize Tixs
  • Sleeves - Starting at 800 Prize Tixs 

  • Uncut Sheets - Starting at 50,000 Prize Tixs
  • Oversized Cards - Starting at 40,000 Prize Tixs
  • Jumbo Cards - Starting at 25,000 Prize Tixs 

All Prizes and Prize Tixs costs are subject to change and allocation based on availability at the sole discretion of Pastimes.

These lists are not a guarantee that these items will be present at all MagicCons.