Badge Activation

Upkeep Phase! Once you have received your MagicCon badge, connect yourself to your physical badge and activate its abilities by clicking the button below! 

Badge Activation enhances your MagicCon experience by giving you access to interactive exhibits, exclusive show floor activities, and more! 

Badge Activation is also an important step in claiming your merchandise that is included with your ticket! Your badge will be scanned for ticketed merchandise pick up onsite at the ticketed merch pick up area.

Please Note:
Badge Activation sometimes may not be available until closer to the event. If you receive you badge in the mail and are not able to activate it right away, do not worry! Badge Activation always becomes available online and in our Mobile App at least one week prior to each event.


  • Receive Badge/Pick Up Badge at Will Call
  • Click here for Badge Activation
  • Use the 8 digit code (under the QR Code) on the back of your badge for the activation code
  • You are all set! 

We encourage you to activate your badge as soon as possible.